Archive of past exhibits at Public Radio ArtSpace at WMRA's Harrisonburg, Va facility.


OUTDOOR ART SHOW & SALE (26-27 Aug 2006)

An invitational outdoor sale and exhibit on the WMRA Harrisonburg facility's grounds.


Ken Faraoni, sculpture (bronze).
Danette Zirkle, painting.
Richard Faut, experimental photography.
Ken Schuler, drawing.
Mia LaBerge, painting.
Rudy Tucker, wood-fired stoneware.
Minh Martin, blown glass .
Sarah Lock, metalsmithing.
Margot Bergman, fabric mixed-media.
Judy Ligon, enamelwork and wearables.
Gail and Chris Geer, sculpture (stone and metals).
Susan Loy, calligraphy.
Heidi Varblow, fabric surfaces.
Sharon Duvall, traditional leatherwork.
James Eaves, basketry.

Also appearing among other things in the "community tent":
A large dark modern oil painting by New York artist Robert Cariola will be displayed at the art show for the first time in public since the 1964 World's Fair in New York when it hung in the same room with Michelangelo's Pieta in the fair's Vatican Pavilion.

Juror: Terry Ward

- - - -


Many thanks to the Harrisonburg International Festival for key material support.

NO THANKS at all to the SKY for sending stormy conditions and 50 mile-per-hour wind gusts in the last hours of the last day. We packed up early and scrambled for shelter ---and resolved to do future exhibition indoors under a sturdy roof.