Archive of past exhibits at Public Radio ArtSpace at WMRA's Harrisonburg, Va facility.


Paul Zdepski + Tom Chipley (2011)

ARTIST:......Paul Zdepski + Tom Chipley

EXHIBIT TITLE: ......Zillustration Chillustration

MEDIA: ......Illustration --drawing, painting

DATE: ......Tue 5 Jly - Fri 30 Sep 2011 (Opening reception Fri 1 July 5-7pm)


CURATOR/ART JUDGE: ......Terry Ward


Paul Zdepski
Tom Chipley


b.1962 - Paul Zdepski received his BFA from the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA and his MFA from the University of Hartford, Hartford, CT. He works in the arts as an illustrator, designer and art director. He has work in private and public collections as well as published work. He currently lectures at Montgomery College in Takoma Park, MD.

"I was born during the Cuban Missile Crisis - I try to work that into my painting. My most recent work is a series called Corporal Punishment, which stems from uncomfortable childhood moments. I cringe while doing them, but find myself laughing when they're done."

Zdepski's technique spans both traditional tools and the latest computer interface. He merges graphite sketches with digital color to create hybrid works that live comfortably in both realms.


b.1941 - Tom Chipley is a professional artist, earning his way with his art and his creativity as an Industrial Designer for almost fifty years. His work reminds us that humor and curiosity are nature's natural antidepressants. Humor smooths the rough edges of reality.

"In the Great Circus of Life, we are the performers... the jugglers who toss and catch and toss again, and the high-wire acrobats, whirling and grasping. Creativity is the Ringleader, directing both the dancing elephants and the beautiful bareback riders. And bringing in the clowns as needed."

Chipley's work draws images from life, reshapes them a bit and presents them to us just a bit inside-out and a little off-balance. Its hoped we'll smile at these new views of familiar things, like walking through a funhouse of mirrors. Shapes limit reality. Illusion is only allusion. Chipley's creativity and his art emphasize the humor to be found in living.